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  • Product Name: Wet-end Amphoteric Starch HM-636
  • Product introduction:
    Cationic starch is added to the special wet part of newsprint, which is used to improve the tensile and surface strength of paper and improve the retention of fine fibers and fillers. preparation process Continuous cooking: the temperature......
  • Detailed Introduction
Wet-end Amphoteric Starch HM-636
Through the synergistic effect of cation and anion, adding amphoteric starch to the wet-end of papermaking, can improve paper’s physical strength. At the same time, it can play a filter-aid role in the paper production process, which can make the paper machine work at a higher speed..

Wet-end additive
Secondary fiber papermaking, such as cardboard paper,kraft liner board,etc.
Papermaking systems which have a lot of anionic trash
Physical and Chemical Properties                              
Appearance White Fine Powder
Moisture ≤14%
Cation D.S ≥0.035
Anion D.S  ≥0.003
Special Features                                             
Improve paper’s physical strength, such as bursting strength, tensile strength etc.
Improve drainage ability
Improve the paper machine speed
Packing& Transportation                                      
Plastic Woven Bag Packing
25 KG/Bag, 18 Tons/20’ Container
850 KG/Bag, 17 Tons/20’ Container


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