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  • Product Name: SAE starch
  • Product introduction:
    The wet end addition of amphoteric starch, for two kinds of paper fibers in significantly improved the physical strength of the paper; and at the same time can play the retention and drainage agent in papermaking process, which can make the......
  • Detailed Introduction
SAE Dedicated Starch HM-4200
High Substitution Degree, Modified Cassava Starch
HM-4200 is a kind of cationic starch with high substitution degree, which is dedicated used in the synthesizing of SAE surface sizing agent.
It has stable quality and good uniformity. It is a good carrier for SAE polymerization and can effectively envelope SAE particles.

SAE surface sizing agent

Physical and Chemical Properties                              
 Appearance White Fine Powder
Moisture ≤14%
PH 5-8
D.S ≥0.04

Special Features                                             
High Substitution Degree
Uniform Size
Make SAE have uniform particles,excellent retention rate,good film formation

Packing& Transportation                                      
Plastic Woven Bag Packing
25 KG/Bag, 18 Tons/20’ Container
850 KG/Bag, 17 Tons/20’ Container


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