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  • Product Name: Spray Starch HM-630
  • Product introduction:
    Use: For paper and paperboard of different fiber layer made by the network, and spray different fiber layer combination, improve paper bonding force between layers, can improve the paper and paperboard compression strength and the stiffness......
  • Detailed Introduction
 HM-630 Spray Starch
Low Gelatinization Temperature, Good Adhesion
HM-630 is used at the wire part of cardboard and paper that made of different fibrous layers. Spraying the starch solution evenly between the different fibrous layers, can improve ply-to-ply bonding strength of finished paper, and even can increase paper and cardboard's ring crush strength and tensile stiffness.

Paper made of different fibrous layers;
Wire part addictive
Improve ply-to-ply bonding strength of finished paper
Increase paper and cardboard's ring crush strength and tensile stiffness

hysical and Chemical Properties                              
 Appearance White Fine Powder
Moisture ≤14%
Fineness(100m) 99.5%
Peak Viscosity ≧3000mpa.s(20% concentration,1.5℃/min)

Special Features                                             
High retention rate
Low Gelatinization Temperature(about 60℃)
Good Adhesion
Uniform particle size, good atomization
Packing& Transportation                                      
Plastic Woven Bag Packing
25 KG/Bag, 18 Tons/20’ Container
850 KG/Bag, 17 Tons/20’ Container


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