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  • Product Name: HM-Y industrial yellow dextrin
  • Product introduction:
    Dextrin is usually divided into three categories: White dextrin, yellowish dextrin and British gum or British gum. The difference between them lies in the different pretreatment methods and heat treatment conditions of starch. Dextrin is wi......
  • Detailed Introduction
  Dextrin is usually divided into three categories: White dextrin, yellowish dextrin and British gum or "British gum". The difference between them lies in the different pretreatment methods and heat treatment conditions of starch.
  Dextrin is widely used in medicine, food, paper making, casting, wallpaper, labels, stamps, adhesive tape and so on. When making tablet binder, it needs to be quickly dried, quickly dispersed, fast bonding and re wetting, and white dextrin or low viscosity yellowdextrin can be selected. When making labels and stamp adhesives, the viscosity is high and the film formed is strong and toughness, suitable for using white dextrin or British gum. It can be used as a printed paste in textile printing and dyeing.
  Dry dextrin is a yellowish white powder, insoluble in alcohol, but it is insoluble in water, soluble in water with strong viscosity, starch material in cooking, starch molecular thermal decomposition, we generated dextrin. At this point, if a drop of iodine is added, the solution will be red and purple, not as blue as the starch is in the iodine.
  In production, starch material is usually cooked at high temperature and high pressure, so that starch cells are completely ruptured, and starch is changed from granular state to liquid paste dextrin, which is called gelatinization of raw materials. The degree of gelatinization was expressed by the rate of gelatinization.
The rate of gelatinization = dextrin or soluble carbohydrate x100%/ total sugar
First, the preparation method: starch pretreatment, drying, heat treatment, cooling, and finished product (dextrin)
(1) the reaction temperature of the white dextrin is low, the pH value is lower, and the colored product is less.
(2) yellowish dextrin is a highly converted product with low pH value and high temperature.
Two, nature
(1) the white dextrin has a wide range of viscosity, and the viscosity decreases with the increase of the conversion degree.
(2) the transformation of yellow paste and the solubility reaches 100%, lower viscosity, slow down, finally dropped to a certain value.
Industrial dextrin
  Candy add maltodextrin in confectionery, candy can prevent "back to sand" show "enhance the elasticity and toughness, change candy flavor, improve the taste, prevent and eliminate the phenomenon of deliquescence sticky teeth, reduce dental problems, prolong the candy store shelf period.
  Infant food can be used in infant food such as milk powder, which can reduce the loss of nutrition and improve the taste. It can meet the actual needs of children and promote the healthy growth of children.
Frozen food can enhance ice cream viscosity, make the product loose and delicate, improve the emulsification effect; adding maltodextrin in making ice popsicle,, anti crystallization, improve freezing temperature and enhance flavor, improve texture.
Solid beverage, seasoning, such as instant oatmeal flavor, milk powder, chicken food adhesive and filler, can improve the solubility of the product, improve the taste and flavor, prevent ChaoXie products.
The use of maltodextrin instead of granulated sugar in biscuits and Western dots can control the viscosity of dough and form a better taste in cakes, crisp cakes and other products with low water content (10% or less), so as to avoid drying and embrittlement. It can increase dough viscosity, help shape, control the sweetness and avoid anti - sugar in the products of soft biscuit and cake, which are more than 10% of the water content. At the same time, the product has a good color and good water retention.
Liquid drink liquid beverage with malt dextrin as the raw material, can increase the consistency of products, stabilize the structure of the product, improve the taste and flavor.
Application of maltodextrin maltodextrin in papermaking industry with good fluidity and strong adhesion ability, has been abroad applied in papermaking industry, as the surface sizing agent and coating (paper) coating adhesive, domestic mills have applied to the production of paper, glue for rotary surface when not only adsorption in the paper fibers, but also to the paper in penetration, improve the adhesion between the fibers, improve the appearance and physical properties. Use it to replace the previous ganlaosu or polyvinyl alcohol, can significantly reduce the production cost and energy consumption.


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